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Yoga Classes in Enfield and N21, North London

Measures I’m taking against the new Coronavirus

In light of the recent Coronavirus news, I thought I would give you a heads-up on the plans for my forthcoming Yoga classes.

All classes will be going ahead as usual for the foreseeable future.

Please can you now bring your own mats, blankets etc

If you do not have your own please bring a towel to cover old mats which I will supply still.

I will be replacing existing mats with new ones shortly .

However, please note, I will be sanitising all my current mats and equipment after each class

Please can I kindly ask you to wash your hands before and after the lesson. I will also be providing hand-sanitiser before each class.

And of course if you feel unwell with any of the symptoms please refrain from participating in the class.

If you would like further information please refer to the following link:
Basic protective measures against the new coronavirus

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