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Yoga Classes in Enfield and N21

Hatha Yoga

Woman Sitting in MeditationThe word “yoga” is an ancient Sanskrit term meaning union. It has existed for thousands of years and is best described as a spiritual rather than a religious practice.

This means anyone can practise yoga. It brings not only an awareness to your body but also focuses your attention on your mind, letting you learn how to relax and discover the possibilities of your true potential.

It can empower us to live a deeper, richer, more satisfying life, simply by awakening what is already within us.

Hatha yoga is the type of yoga that is most widely practised in the West and concentrates primarily on posture and breath.

Ha” meaning “sun“, and “tha“, meaning “moon” unite in the word “hatha“. It uses the body as a tool for inner exploration and aims to purify the body and therefore the mind.

Classes generally include posture (asana) work with emphasis on the breath (pranayama), a final relaxation and meditation. Postures are easily adapted to suit any level of student.

The practice of yoga can improve muscular activity, respiration, circulation, digestion and enhance the activity of the nervous system.