Jackie Lee

Yoga Testimonials

“In 1972 I was at home with a new baby and discovered yoga on the television with Richard Hittleman and the lovely Lyn Marshall. Fired with enthusiasm, I found a class locally and sailed through my second pregnancy right up until the birth. Over thirty years later my original teach retired. I “tested” several other teachers but none of them came up to my exacting standard. Eventually I found Jackie Lee who, with her mellifluous voice and calm persona,fitted the bill perfectly. It is a testament to her ability that many students from my previous class have followed me and are continuing to enjoy their yoga.” Trudi

“Six years ago, I learnt of Jackie’s classes by chance and went along a Friday morning. I have been attending ever since together with others that were at my previous class and now look forward to and enjoy two classes a week. In Jackie’s classes you will NEVER be expected to perform anything which is beyond your capability for whatever reason. There are always easier variations which are shown and advised as necessary. So if you have never done yoga before and would like to try, or have experience to any degree, you will find Jackie’s classes enjoyable, friendly and informative and like many of us who keep coming back for more, what better recommendation could there be?” John